MsingiPACK – For Classes 6, 7 & 8

This is one of the most important elements of the solution and gives the learners a platform to learn.

This covers the entire syllabus and gives learners a chance to learn at their own pace through directed learning. You can track learning like what you are used to with bookmarks as well as and understanding of the content through activities and questions. Further, and since all learners have their own account, one can get reports that point out improvement areas, and strengths of children as they navigate the application to specific areas within a subject and a topic such as Geometry in Maths or Soil Erosion in Social Studies.


MsingiPACK Login

MsingiPACK Login

This feature enables monitoring and evaluation (M & E) of individual users of MsingiPACK by creating user details for every learner in the class. Every learner, teacher or parent/guardian can create an account with MsingiPACK. Both progress and performance reports of the student are stored under their account and this makes it possible to monitor their performance and coverage of the syllabus.

Switch class profile

Switch class profile

The Switch class profile feature enables learners to select their respective classes and access appropriate content. This feature also allows learners to backtrack on content in classes below them either for reference or revision purposes.

Lessons, Topical Questions and Weekly tasks

MsingiPACK Switch Class Profile


Lessons selection button allows MsingiPACK users to select the subject of their choice. MsingiPACK covers all subjects i.e. English, Mathematics, Kiswahili, Science, Social Studies and Religious education. In addition, it covers interactive content from select areas of the subjects as well as other resources such as methalis and mathematical formulae.

Sample lesson (Science Tutorial; class 8)

MsingiPACK Sample Lesson

KCPE Past papers & Other exams

MsingiPACK KCPE Revision

This section covers KCPE revision papers from 2005 to 2017 and other exams for class 6, 7 & 8. All exams are auto-timed, auto-marked and results stored in each users account for performance tracking. Learners are also able to revise question by question through a detailed Question Source Analysis and Tutorial Program (QSA/TP). Learners are also able to do customized exams targeting specific areas of the syllabus or for a particular year.

Choose Exam mode

MsingiPACK KCPE Past Papers

Sample Revision  Question

MsingiPACK KCPE Sample Question

Sample Score Sheet

MsingiPACK Sample Score Sheet

Sample Exam Analysis

MsingiPACK Exam Analysis

Sample QSA/TP (Question Source Analysis/Tutorial Program)

MsingiPACK Question Source Analysis

Multimedia interactive lessons and educational games

MsingiPACK Interactive Lesson


These lessons involve visual (animations) and audio demonstrations focusing on difficult areas of the syllabus with an aim of enhancing learner’s understanding.

Educational Games

MsingiPACK Interactive Lesson


The Search Engine

MsingiPACK Search Engine

This feature enables learners to search specific areas of the syllabus for a more directed revision or research.