Use MsingiPACK solutions to Improve Student Achievement

MsingiPACK Junior - CBC Grade 1 & 2

MsingiPACK on Mobile Tablet or PC

With MsingiPACK students typically apply the knowledge they are learning, engage in critical thinking and work on practical real world scenarios.

Studies show that students are more engaged in learning when using the latest technological gadgets, because it is what they are most used to interacting with.

Powerful Directed Learning System (DLS) combining navigation, multimedia sessions, sequence and content alignment to ensure synchronized learning. Easy to use with new interactive user interface. Covers and builds understanding across all subjects. Completely aligned with the current  syllabus.

Learner’s Device

MsingiPACK Tablet

The is the device that the child interacts with and may range from a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smart phone. In a school’s setup, we recommend a ruggedized tablet that assists to reach a 1:1 ratio between the device and the children while reducing brick and mortar cost and real estate footprint for additional computer labs. The rugged nature reduces the risk of cost of support and replacements caused by small accidents that happen in the classes such as low drops, around 60 cm, slight water spill, screen breakages and so forth.

Teacher’s Device

MsingiPACK Teacher's Device

The teacher takes control of the class, sees what the children are seeing, connects to smart board, issues quizzes and marks from this device. It comes in form of a laptop, powerful enough to efficiently stream videos and interactive media.

NComputing Solution

Imagine turning one computer into FOUR or SEVEN independent workstations
Desktop Multiplier drastically reduces the cost of computing by allowing multiple students (users) to simultaneously share a single computer.

MsingiPACK NComputing SolutionMsingiPACK School Desktop Multiplier Edition provides a perfect solution to your school needs by ensuring your Desktop Multiplier setup allows multiple users to simultaneously share MsingiPACK E-Learning and Revision Kit across all the Virtual Desktops ensuring significant cost savings to your school.

This is a complete hardware and software solution with a full Linux or Windows
desktop environment. Up to Seven users can simultaneously share a single PC.

Each user gets their own virtual workspace (applications, settings, files, and
preferences), but at a fraction of what it would cost with individual computers.
So even though ten people share a single system, they each get their own rich
PC experience. Desktops could not be easier or more affordable.

Benefits of windows multiplier
• Reduce your initial investment
• Reduce upgrading cost
• Offering ease of maintenance and servicing
• Reduce total cost of ownership
• Reduced power consumptions by eliminating Pc’s
Software features
• Support multiple users to access the internet and web based applications
• Users are able to run applications concurrently
• Supports centralized data storage

MsingiPACK NComputing Solution

Charging Cabinet

One of the biggest challenges faced in the classroom are lack of effective solutions to charging the devices as well as securing them in the classroom. The charging cabinet gives a neat efficient solution to this.

Charging Cabinets


Mythware Content Access Point and Classroom Management Software

To be able to connect all the learners with their teacher, as part of the solution, there is a need for a robust powerful Wi-Fi access point that will allow 40-50 concurrent connections with streaming video. This has been solved by providing the gadget below.

MsingiPACK Classroom Management System